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Enterprise innovation & project management software for collecting, curating, and implementing ideas.

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Employee Engagement

Engage your entire workforce in ideation. Break down barriers in department, language, or geography. Empower company-wide innovation and foster a culture of ownership.

Continuous Improvement

Stakeholders from all sides of the business collaborate to come up with, refine, and prioritize the best ideas in one platform. Improve products, processes, and customer satisfaction.

High Return on Investment

Crowdsource ideas for your organization. Create the next big thing with people who know your business the best. Track the performance of ideas and generate billions of dollars in return.

How it works

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Ideate & Collect

Harness the collective innovative power of your organization by allowing anyone to submit an idea, openly or anonymously. Gather all the ideas in one platform and systematically categorize them.
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Engage & Collaborate

Easy search, dynamic ranking, and powerful filters for all ideas. Leverage your entire organization to vote, comment, and refine estimates. Work together to generate brilliant ideas.
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Evaluate & Implement

Find and prioritize the best ideas to implement. Guide your innovations through the entire innovation pipeline from ideation to launch. Keep your employees updated on the status of their ideas.

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Learn more on how to successfully manage innovation and projects at your organization.

25 Nov 2019 | By

The Importance of Innovation

Innovation means using new technology and using new ways of thinking to add value to an existing idea or product and to make substantial changes in society.

“The best way to foresee the future is to create it”, which is the best explanation of the importance of innovation. In this article, we will track back to innovation itself, in order to answer why we need innovation and its importance. At a macro level, we will examine what innovation brings to our society. And at a micro level, what does it bring to organizations.


4 Nov 2019 | By

10 Steps from Idea to Profit

Being able to come up with a brilliant idea does not mean that you can implement it properly, effectively promote the operation of the product, nor find customers who are willing to pay for it. Without a robust management system, the gap between ideas and profitable products is insurmountable. Having a wonderful idea does not mean that you can land it successful.

However, having a defined process to take ideas and put them into action would help to ease the pain. Here we summarize the 10 steps from idea collection to growth and profits. We believe it can help guide you through the process.

14 Oct 2019 | By

Five Stages of Innovation

Innovation is too important to ignore, and too important to fail. If managed improperly, an organization may lose its competitiveness in the market, or worse, be eliminated by its competitors. Innovation is also a complicated subject that involves a lot of resources, people, and need to be managed properly to achieve its ultimately goal - to push the release of new product, process, business flow to an existing or a new market.

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