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about us

About Us

We are an innovation driven company that live for new ideas, technologies, and enable teams small and big to innovate and see their ideas come to life.

We are a team of innovation experts and technology enthusiasts. We value individual contribution as well as team work. Individually, we are the masters at our craft; together, we form an agile team that can adapt to any changes.

We work remotely. Some of us has never met but we work together towards a common vision, that is, making innovation work, and making work efficient.

Our Core Values


International approach

We speak different languages but we find mutual understanding. When developing IDEX, we always considering multicultural aspects of users from all over the world.


Inclusive and transparent culture

As we working towards goals, our approach is to be mindful of the people around us and of how we can help each other.


Delivering instant solutions

We know the value of well-earned respect and constructive feedback. We never settle for “good enough” knowing we can do better.

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